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Brand: Marble Genius
Material: marble
Age Range (Description): Adult
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.5 x 1 x 8.5 inches
Educational Objective: Creative Skill

ENDLESS FUN: With 30 easy-to-assemble pieces of transparent tubes, you can witness every twist and turn as the marbles race through the track. The set includes a race track, maze accessories, and more, allowing you to create your own unique designs. The clear tubes are perfect for observing the action and spotting any potential jams or slowdowns. This set is perfect for kids and adults alike, providing entertainment for all ages.
NO MARBLES INCLUDED: This standard toy size marble set is perfect for building a fun and challenging race track or maze. With marbles measuring 5/8 inch or smaller, you can create a compact and intricate design that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. This set includes a variety of race track set maze accessories, allowing you to customize your creation to your liking. Note that marbles are not included with this set, so be sure to grab some of your own to start the fun!
COMPATIBILITY: Look no further than Marble Genius! Our Marble Run Starter Set (60 pc.), Super Set (85 pc.), Extreme Set (125 pc.), and 8 Accessory Sets are all compatible with Marbulous Marble Run Toys, making it easy to expand your collection and create new and exciting marble races, mazes, and tracks. With a variety of accessories, including ramps, twists, turns, and more, you can create endless combinations of tracks and obstacles for your marbles to navigate.
APP ACCESS INCLUDED: Download our free app now and get access to interactive instructions and building challenges for our set race track maze. Challenge your friends to a race and see who can complete the maze first. With step-by-step guidance and helpful tips, building the perfect track has never been easier. The app also features engaging games and quizzes to test your marble racing knowledge. Join the Marble Genius community and start your marble racing journey today!
ENDLESS OPTIONS: All Marble Genius Marble Run sets and Marble Run Maze games are designed to be compatible with each other, providing you with endless add-on options. You can create a custom marble run set or maze by adding more pieces and tracks to your existing collection. With endless possibilities and hours of fun, Marble Genius sets and mazes are the perfect gift for anyone who loves building and creating.

Kids playing marble run set. Text reads: Original Marble Run PlaysetsOriginal Extreme Set with 300 piecesOriginal Super Set with 150 piecesOriginal Starter Set with 130 piecesOriginal Booster Set with 20 pieces

Original Extreme Set

Original Super Set

Original Starter Set

Original Booster Set


Marble run add-ons, accessories and booster setsMarble stunts trampolines catch buckets, STEM fun for kidsOriginal marble run building sets, STEM fun for kidsMulticolor glow-in-the-dark marble runsGreen and black marble run with rails

Booster sets & optional extras mean you never have to stop building.

Bring on the bounce, with patent pending trampolines & catch buckets.

Bold primary colors + basic building pieces = big adventures in family fun

Turn out the lights & turn on the fun, with marble play that really glows

Watch your marbles slide & glide along the rails. It’s a whole new way to play.

Marble Genius free app with special deals and fun challengesDownload the free Marble Genius app


red white black racing race track marble runsmaze game 3D marble run building setdinosaur marble run building setsouter space marble run building setsblue ocean undersea style marble runs

And they’re off! Build your best run and challenge your friends to race.

Mind-bending 3D building fun is what you’ll find, with marble maze games.

Build a marble run that really ROARS, with dinosaur and jungle t

Marble Genius Tubes - Marble Run Accessory Add-On Set (30 Pieces), STEM Buildin

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