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  • Engaging learning tool: Your kids will have a blast as they explore the physics of gyroscopes with this STEM toy. They can easily learn about the properties of gyroscopes, including how the rotation speed and radius of gyroscopes can be used to measure the amount of force applied to the toy.
  • Ready to use: This anti-gravity toy will make a great addition to any toy collection. It's easy to use and requires no assembly. The gyroscope is a wheel-mounted toy on a freely rotating axle so that it will spin rapidly when the wheel is set in motion.
  • Durable material: This gyroscope toy is a great way to keep your hands busy. It is made with durable plastic that can withstand rough handling and soft pivot points that aid balancing tricks. The toy is designed to spin fast and slow and has two axes for spinning.
  • Based on rigidity & precession: Our cyclone gyro can be used to demonstrate the effects of rigidity in space and precession. It illustrates the phenomenon of gyroscopic rigidity, which occurs when an object is free to rotate about a single axis, and the Coriolis effect.
  • Made in the USA: An entertaining toy for kids and adults alike, this spinning toy is made in the USA and can be available in a variety of colors. It is the perfect toy for anyone looking for a fun and innovative way to learn physics.
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TEDCO's Cyclone Gyro The Amazing Physics Toy

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