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Brand: Marble Genius
Material: Plastic
Age Range (Description): Adult
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.7 x 10.39 x 6.81 inches
Educational Objective: Engineering, Math

ENDLESS FUN: Experience the excitement of watching marbles race down the track with this amazing marble run playset! Featuring a total of 150 pieces, this set comes with everything you need to build your own action-packed maze. With 85 translucent building pieces, you'll be able to watch as the marbles wind their way through the twists and turns of the marble maze. The set is designed for hours of creative play, with endless possibilities for building and customizing your own unique marble run.
CREATIVE EXPLORATION: With 65 standard-sized glass marbles included, kids will have a blast watching them race down the colorful and intricate marble track. The set encourages creativity and problem-solving as children design and construct their own custom marble runs. The durable, high-quality materials ensure the set will provide hours of entertainment and stimulation for kids of all ages. Marble Run Set Race Track Toy is a fun and educational addition to any playroom or classroom.
DESIGNED FOR KIDS: For families looking for a fun, yet challenging activity. Our sets are easy to use, connectors are kid-friendly & fit together snugly, ensuring a stable structure for the marbles to travel through. Parents are assured that the marble track sets are challenging enough for adults to enjoy, yet easy enough for kids to understand. With various sets to choose from, there's something for every level of difficulty. These sets encourage problem-solving, creativity, & imagination.
INCLUDES INSTRUCTION APP: Get the most out of your Marble Genius purchase with our instruction app, available for iOS & Android devices. With step-by-step guidance & engaging challenges, our app helps you and your child explore the full potential of our marble sets. Plus, we regularly update the content to keep things fresh and exciting. The app is easy to use and provides clear instructions and helpful tips. Enjoy hours of educational & entertaining playtime!
ENDLESS OPTIONS: Marble Genius offers endless possibilities with its compatible products. The marble game sets, marble maze games, and accessory sets are designed to work seamlessly together, allowing for creative and imaginative play. With Marble Genius, you can build bigger and better marble runs, challenge yourself with intricate mazes, and customize your set with a variety of accessories. The possibilities are truly endless, providing hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

Kids playing marble run set. Text reads: Original Marble Run PlaysetsOriginal Extreme Set with 300 piecesOriginal Super Set with 150 piecesOriginal Starter Set with 130 piecesOriginal Booster Set with 20 pieces

Original Extreme Set

Original Super Set

Original Starter Set

Original Booster Set


Marble run add-ons, accessories and booster setsMarble stunts trampolines catch buckets, STEM fun for kidsOriginal marble run building sets, STEM fun for kidsMulticolor glow-in-the-dark marble runsGreen and black marble run with rails

Booster sets & optional extras mean you never have to stop building.

Bring on the bounce, with patent pending trampolines & catch buckets.

Bold primary colors + basic building pieces = big adventures in family fun

Turn out the lights & turn on the fun, with marble play that really glows

Watch your marbles slide & glide along the rails. It’s a whole new way to play.

Marble Genius free app with special deals and fun challengesDownload the free Marble Genius app


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Marble Genius Marble Run (150 Complete Pieces) Maze Track or Building Toys for

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