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I introduce and nurture critical, computational, strategic, and game thinking skills through STEM-focused experiences.  Over the last 25 years, I’ve been focused on learning how to recognize and appreciate the differences in the ways students process information and solve problems.  A turning point in my research and program development came shortly after I became a parent (and uncle) ten years ago. Observing the learning process through the teacher lens around the clock from infancy through middle school has had a huge impact on my pedagogical beliefs.  It became more obvious that the way kids think about, remember, process, and understand information is as unique as their personalities. There certainly isn’t a “best” way for all kids to learn anything. I refer to this concept as a child’s unique educational individuality. Since then, I’ve made great strides in adapting my instruction to match the ways in which I think each of my students learns best. Something that’s clear to me is that when we focus on empowerment and actively teaching kids to become expert thinkers and learners, they truly begin to flourish.  I believe the best way that I can support young 21st-century learners is by leveraging their natural curiosity to help support their personal learning journeys.  

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