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Brand: Stonemaier Games
Material: Cardboard
Theme: Nature, Wildlife, Educational
Genre: Educational
Number of Players: 1-5

COOPERATIVE MODE: Includes a two-player cooperative variant that adapts the solo rules to allow a team of two to play against a game-controlled opponent.
NEW BIRDS: Features 95 new colorful and awe-inspiring birds from Oceania
NEW COMPONENTS: New egg color, new food type, new player mat, new bonus cards, new end-of-round goals.
BASE GAME REQUIRED: In order to play, the Wingspan base game is required.
NEW STRATEGIES TO EXPLORE: With a new environment and nector as a resource, discover new strategies in your favorite bird game!

Second Expansion to Wingspan

wingpsan oceania

Feature the colorful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. The Oceania bird cards are designed to be shuffled into the bird cards from the base game, with or without other expansions.

Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave

wingspan oceania

Includes new player mats and a new food type allowing players to explore different strategies in this new environment.

Includes new bonus cards and more end-of-round goals, as well as a new color of eggs.

Stonemaier Games: Wingspan Oceania Expansion | Add to Wingspan (Base Game) | In

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