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Age Range (Description): 4 years
Number of Players: 1 - 4
Brand: The Uzzle
Theme: Racing
Material: High-quality plastic

❓WHAT ARE THE CHANGES: The Uzzle 3.0 Family Board Games for Adults now comes with IMPROVED QUALITY, bigger blocks, 100 Unique Puzzles, & 4 Difficulty Levels. Levels 1-2 are great for young kids. Whereas, levels 3-4 are extremely difficult for adults.
🥇 SUPER FUN AND EASY TO LEARN: The Uzzle is loved by over 150,000 customers worldwide. The game can be learned in under 5 minutes and enjoyed time and time again.
💥 FAST-PACED AND ACTION-PACKED: Play individually or with up to 4 players. You can play with unlimited players if you get extra blocks. It’s fun because these players race to crack the puzzle on the card by flipping, spinning, and merging identical sets of 5 patterned blocks. Sharp eyes, fast hands, and quick minds prevail in this fun-filled pattern-matching frenzy!
🧠 IMPROVES KID's PROBLEM SOLVING & COGNITIVE SKILLS: You will need to have sharp eyes, quick thinking ability, strong observation power, and fast hand speed all at the same time. The Uzzle board game is great for enhancing problem-solving and many cognitive skills in children.
🎁 A PERFECT GIFT: The Uzzle Kids Game is the perfect gift for Christmas, Easter, birthday gifts, back to school, and many other occasions! It's also a great choice for travel games.

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Each player is given a set of five blocks, each of which has a number from 1 to 5 to indicate that it is a complete set.

Flip the top card to reveal the puzzle.

Race to see who will be the first player to solve the puzzle on the card.

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The Uzzle 3.0 Board Game, Family Board Games for Children & Adults, Block Puzzl

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